Areas of Expertise

child speech pathology

Research in language development has shown that early development of speech skills will stand your child in good stead for life.

Good communication skills are the most important skills we can gain
in life and can enhance our social relationships, education and employment opportunities.

We aim to provide professional,
high quality and caring intervention services to children and their families who have difficulty with:

  • speech
  • language
  • literacy
  • fluency
  • voice
  • social skills

Intervention is tailored to your child's individual needs and is flexible and based on fun and positive experiences.

What is a Speech Pathologist?

child speech pathology brisbane

Speech Pathologists are a highly qualified group of professionals
who provide specialized services
to the 7% of the population with
a communication impairment.
Speech Pathologists are required to register annually with the Speech Pathologists Board of Qld and are issued with an Annual Practising Certificate.